My Beastly Book of Hilarious Heroes


There are never enough super-heroes around when you need them, so when a daring super-hero book comes along and shows budding artists how to create the most fantastic super-heroes ever, you just can’t pass it up.

My Beastly Book of Hilarious Heroes by illustrator Vincent Boudgourd is an activity book for the artistically brave-at-heart. It’s an art project and a super-hero bible all rolled into one, and boasts 150 ways for artistically-inclined hero-lovers ages 4 and up to color, scribble, doodle and draw the super-hero of their dreams. Yes, the sky—and your child’s imagination—is the limit with this fun collection of super-hero scenarios.

There are connect-the-dot heroes, vacationing heroes, and balloon-brained heroes just waiting to be “finished” and colored on the page. There are super-ninja heroes, heroes from the Middle Ages, and even bumbling heroes who end up sunburned from flying too close to the sun, all waiting to be introduced to your child and his/her best set of crayons. There’s even a hero that is constructed by wadding up the page, then gluing on a mysterious mask that fits right over the eyes. How neat is that?

This color, cut, connect and doodle book is thick and sturdy enough to hold up well under eager (and sometimes destructive) little fingers. It’s sprinkled with an endless array of super-heroes in side-splitting situations that promise hours–and I do mean HOURS–of fun for your Pre-K through early elementary-aged child. But better still, your child gets plenty of hand-eye coordination practice, fine and gross-motor exercises, open-ended instructions and creative free play with this book. And YOU get to see a little Picasso in the making.

Like the super-heroes it features, this book can adapt to any setting. It’s great for the art classroom, the handwriting learning center, or as a fun supplemental lesson in following directions. It will do well in a doctor’s office, the child-care station at the local gym, or on a child’s bedroom bookshelf. In short, these heroes can hold their own anywhere.

If you need a super-hero and you need him/her NOW, just pick up a copy of My Beastly Book of Hilarious Heroes and let your child design one for you!

This one gets 5 STARS!

Best wishes and happy doodling,

Rita Lorraine


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