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Live it Again – 1950 is one in a series of books about by-gone years, which tells and shows some of the advancements being made at that time.

Many popular cars of that era are featured, some of which are not around any more. The Nash Rambler, the DeSoto Convertible, the Oldsmobile 88 and the Studebaker Champion are only a few of the fabulous cars shown. Those were the days!

Traveling to the beach, the state park, or from town to town could be done in your car, or by several other modes of transportation. Southern Pacific Railroad had a streamlined train which went from New Orleans to L.A. and ran daily. Television was still fairly new. If you were lucky enough to have a set, you didn’t get many stations (no cable back then!), the picture tones were few, and the screens were small. But, surprise!!!!! Zenith’s TV of 1950 had a remote control feature.

Comedy shows, stand up comedians, and cowboys dominated the airwaves. This book tells us about the best movies, the biggest movie stars, the best songs, and the best Radio shows of that time. Oh yes, in 1950 the radio still dominated the airwaves! This informative book also tells us the price of some foods, cars, homes, and clothing.

This was the year the Korean war began, and men aged 18 to 35 were required to register for the Draft ( which no longer exists today, by the way). This book is a treasure trove of trivia about life in the year 1950, and really requires you to read, look, and be amazed at the changes in our world since then.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and traveling back in time to be reminded of some things I had forgotten about 1950. I definitely remember the coming of television because my family owned one. We were amazed by TV. You could only get three stations and they showed a marathon of cowboy movies. I loved it, but I also loved radio.

The sub-title of this book is “A sentimental journey into the past” and that’s exactly what it is. It is worthy of going into your private collection so you can return to it from time to time. It’s also worthy of saving for your young children, who will enjoy actually seeing what a piece of the world looked like back then. It’s like opening a time machine sixty years later.

If you’re a history lover, a history writer, a history teacher, a professional or independent historian, or if you’re just a picture-book-lover who’s into old pictures, you simply can’t miss out on this third book in the Live It Again™ series.

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I hope this review helps you make a decision, and when you do, I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

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