Live It Again, 1946


Greetings Bookies and Picture Book Lovers,

It’s a pleasure to return to you with a review on this nostalgic work after a short time lapse. So…what were you doing in 1946? If you even remember being here in ’46, you’ve just dated yourself.

Whether you were here or weren’t born yet, you’re in for a treat with this book. It’s called Live It Again: 1946, and it gives us a wonderful look at life during in 1946. Bread was .10 cents a loaf, gasoline was .15 cents a gallon, and coffee was .34 cents per pound. The population was 141,389,000 people, which is amazing because it has more than doubled since then!!

Oh yes, and the minimum wage was .40 cents per hour, the milkman delivered your milk to your door, and trains were THE mode of transportation because they offered both comfort and speed. Bogart, Bacall, Grant, Bergman and James Stewart were the box office draw in the theater’s, and there were cars named DeSoto, Hudson, Kaiser and Fraser.

Dressing well and looking sharp were very important to both men and women, not like the more relaxed styles we see today. And most importantly, there was the war. We can’t forget that! When World War 2 ended, small and large cities alike were flooded with returning servicemen. Many resources were still in short supply because of the war, and many needed projects had been put on hold because of it. Still, post-war feelings were running very high, and people felt life was good.

You won’t find short stories in this book, but you will find enough information to pique your interest (and maybe get you started doing research on the era). You will find priceless trivia, beautiful black-and-white and color photos depicting a by-gone era, and you’ll see that the info is timeless!! If you long for the good old days, it’s here. If you want to know more about the good old days you are in for a treat.

The Book cover is eye catching with a great picture from Saturday Evening Post. I give this a five.

This book has no plot but moves at a rapid pace and makes sense from cover to cover because of the content. I give the storyline a five.

The book is definitely age appropriate, so I give this a five.

The illustrations are bright, captivating, and engaging. They get five points, too.

Layout and design are great. Five points!

I hope this review helps you to make a decision about whether to purchase this book. Until the next review,



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