Live It Again 1944


If you are a die-hard picture book lover who also revels in the nostalgia of yester-year, Live it Again, 1944 by DRG Publishers may be the book for you. This book gives picture book lovers of all ages, but most especially baby boomers, a glimpse of 1944 America through excerpts, post cards, old-fashioned photographs, Saturday Evening Post magazine covers, and the newspaper comic strips of the day.

In this book, it is a war-time America, where World War soldiers are fighting for our freedom on foreign soil. The families they left behind have the colossal task of dealing with rationing, learning to live without the men in their lives, and tolerating the government after it makes the unpopular move of drafting 18-year olds into the military.

1944 was the year many families left their quiet homes in small-town suburbia and migrated to bustling military bases to be near their men. It was the year that saw the birth of such celebrities as Joe Frazier, Angela Davis and the great writer, Alice Walker. The absence of husbands and fathers inspired communities to pull together, so that casual acquaintances became friends, protectors, mechanics and even repairmen for those families who men were far, far away.

If you’re a picture book lover, a history buff, or a baby boomer with a yearning to stroll through yester-year, you simply must add this book to your collection. doesn’t always stock these books, but luckily, they had a few copies of this one. But if you don’t want to settle for just one book in this outstanding series, surf on over to the Live It Again website – – and complete your collection of Live It Again books.

Best wishes and happy yester-year,

Rita Lorraine


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