Live it Again: 1943


If you have a passion for the good old days, you won’t want to miss the fourth book in the Live it Again series. This one is called Live it Again 1943, and like its siblings, it’s packed with good stuff about days gone by.

1943 was the year of “The Four Freedoms” – Freedom of Want, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, and Freedom of Fear. It was the year that beloved artist Norm Rockwell painted five stunning covers for the Saturday Evening Post, including the inspirational Rosie (the Riveter) to The Rescue” cover.

Like 1942, World War II overshadowed everything in 1943. There was rationing, stamp books, victory gardens and child-care challenges for a nation that wasn’t quite ready for young mothers to go off to work and leave their children to daycare. State libraries collected and shipped books and other reading materials to troops overseas,and both civilians and new recruits learned about chow time in the military, including C-Rations and K-Rations.

This book is chocked full of wonderful photos of the drama of military life overseas, and the beauty of everyday life in America, where vegetable gardening, knitting and evenings huddled around the radio were very popular.

If you’re a history lover, a history writer, a history teacher, a professional or independent historian or just a picture-book-lover who’s into old pictures, you simply can’t miss out on this fourth book in the Live It Again™ series.

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I hope this review helps you enjoy the good old days even more than you already have.

Best wishes and happy 1943!

Rita Lorraine


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