Learn to Speak Fashion


This book is an aspiring fashion designer’s dream!!! Learn to Speak Fashion, by Laura deCarufel, serves as the perfect “one-stop” book that shares information about all things fashion; from finding inspiration for designs to launching your own fashion show.

This must read book speaks to tween audiences and older. Ms. deCarufel not only inspires you to design, she addresses how to get your designs in the public eye. Whether you are sketching out your design, sewing, or displaying your finished product, Ms. deCarufel shares tips on how to get your designs on the runway, even if it means putting on your own show!

As a creative filmmaker, I can relate to this book because much of the process is very similar to that of film-making: From finding locations, to orchestrating a team and executing production.

Orchestrating a team of people to come together for a common cause can be a bit of a challenge. Why reinvent the wheel? This book spells out the steps necessary to launch a successful fashion show. Precision and decision making is key. Accurate information and helpful tips are riddled throughout this book giving tips on some otherwise overlooked details.

Ms. deCarufel, for example, gives great advice on distributing printouts of your designs throughout the audience before a show to help them follow along during the performance. She also shares information for what you can do beyond the fashion show to continue to promote your designs. Creating a “look-book” is one example Ms. deCrufel suggests to a designer as a way to self-promote their art.

The “how-to” structure used in this book is simple and and easy to follow. A “30-days to Showtime” checklist is even included to give the reader a structured outline to utilize in launching a fashion show. The column formation paired with the illustrations makes it attractive and easy to read. The side notes and tips are easy to detect because of its colored headings. The illustrations give the reader a better insight and understanding to the demonstrated material in the “how-to” sections.

I would recommend this book to any aspiring fashion designer wanting to simply gain more insight into the industry or jump-start their career. This book is permeated with great information and I would give it a 5 star rating.

I hope this review will help you decide if it is a great read for you as well. Until next time, gather great info and aim high!

Adrienne Moss


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