Isabella, Girl on the Go


Where else can a sandbox be transformed into the desert of Giza, or a tree house be morphed into the top of the Mayan Temple? Where else except…you guessed it, in Isabella’s backyard.

Isabella: Girl on the Go is the newest chapter in the life of adorable Isabella, a precocious little girl notorious for letting her imagination run wild. In book one – My Name is NOT Isabella – the little darling imagines herself to be famous women from history, like Elizabeth Blackwell, sharp-shooter Annie Oakley, and even Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks.

In Isabella, Girl on the Go, Isabella is, quite frankly, at it again. Her father needs help with a few chores, but Isabella’s imagination is working overtime and household chores become a trip around the world and back. The tall tomato plants in the backyard garden become the Eiffel Tower (tomato-lined, but the Eiffel Tower, just the same); the backyard fence becomes the Great Wall of China; and a tire swing on Isabella’s favorite tree becomes Big Ben’s trusty pendulum.

As you’ve probably noticed, clever Fosberry doesn’t just make up the places Isabella imagines, she highlights actual places that have changed the world; places like the Taj Mahal, the CN Tower, and even the Statue of Liberty. Artist Mike Litwin helps bring these places to life with dark, rich colors that have a dream-like quality, yet do not dampen Isabella’s animated spirit. We see her turn flips, scale the Great Wall, and even use spy glasses to see far-away objects. Truly, this exciting world travel, coupled with the huge amount of love and care Fosberry always adds to her books and balanced against Litwin’s artistic talent, makes for an unforgettable adventure with the world’s most imaginative little pre-schooler.

For a great “girl” book, lap book or K-3 classroom adventure book, be sure to read Isabella: Girl on the Go!

Best wishes and happy imagination,

Rita Lorraine


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