If All the Animals Came Inside


“If All The Animals Came Inside,” by Eric Pinder, is a delightful story full of imagination for youthful minds.

This book immediately caught the eye of my three-year old granddaughter. The family in the book had a daddy, a mama and three siblings, and ironically, my granddaughter happens to have the same number of siblings. She promptly “christened” the characters as her family members, and from that point on, the book was ALL FUN!

The storyline is definitely unique. Imagine wild animals coming inside the house! The book was well-paced as the animals went from room to room in the house, appropriately acting out in each room – exactly what one would expect from wild animals!

The animal artwork was a little different; the animals had a “collage” feel to them, but my granddaughter could definitely identify each animal she was familiar with. My interest was piqued when I saw the names of a couple of animals that were unfamiliar to me, so I went to the dictionary to look up “badger” and “lemur.” In other words, I was discovering and learning right along with my granddaughter!

The book is big, the lettering is appropriate for a young child and the sentences are easy to understand. I felt the characterization of the “big brother” and “little sister” was appropriate also, with the little sister always a bit on edge and the big brother having a good-ole time with the animals.

In summary, I really enjoyed sitting my granddaughter snug on my lap and sharing this book with her. She became really involved with the book, to the point where it was almost like she was reading the book to me! This book definitely makes for good bonding time with parents and children, I enjoyed it greatly!

Until the next review,
Judie “GiGi” Brown


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