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Karma Wilson writes the most adorable picture books. No wonder she’s a best-selling author!

The latest book to tickle my fancy is her cleverly-penned, hilariously-illustrated picture book called Horseplay!”

In Horseplay, practical, hardworking Farmer can’t figure out why his horses snooze and snore during the day instead of doing the things horses are supposed to do. Thinking they may have been kept awake by howling, prowling wolves, Farmer hides out in the barn, only to discover that the problem isn’t wolves at all. The problem is that those horses are engaged in…you guessed it, HORSEPLAY!

Yes, those naughty horses have been sitting up late every night, playing every game imaginable: Leapfrog, Hide-and-seek, and even Duck-duck-goose! They’ve done everything except get the proper amount of sleep, and Farmer now has to figure out how to get the frolicky fillies to be good horses and observe their bedtime. Farmer tries all sorts of things, but he soon discovers that finding the right solution can sometimes backfire on you.

This is an absolutely adorable book. Wilson’s sweetly-hilarious style of writing – in rhyme, no less – keeps readers laughing and turning those pages from beginning to end. The characters are drawn with a quaint and familiar charm; in fact, Farmer reminds me of one of my country acquaintances whose farm animals were spoiled just like Farmer’s, and always got the best of him. I especially enjoyed the rambunctious, beaver-toothed expressions illustrator Jim McMullan gave the horses. Those faces just make you want to smile and go, “Awwww!”

Take it from the horse’s mouth, this book is a must-have. It’s great for lap-time, nap-time, field-trip-to-a-farm time, or quiet time in the classroom. Whatever you do, don’t miss out. Add this one to your Karma Wilson collection today.

Best wishes and happy horseplay,

Rita Lorraine



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