Counting on Fall


Reading time again! Sitting down with my two year old grandson always proves to be a delightful experience, and reading Counting On Fall with him was no exception.

In this enjoyable book by Lizann Flatt, I was immediately impressed by how many of the wild animals my grandson was able to identify. He recognized the squirrels, bear and duck enjoying the outdoors, and also excitedly pointed out the tree leaves on the ground! When I identified the whale, he immediately shouted, “Whales szim”! (whales swim). Although the book is designed for ages five and up, even my two year old grandson was able to enjoy the illustrations, colors, and the beginnings of counting.

I personally enjoyed the accurate depiction of the fall colors, oranges, browns and yellows. Also, I feel that parents enjoying this book with an older child should be able to help enhance their child’s ability to count backwards, count in tens, and count in pairs. Plus, children and adults alike will be able to experiment with the concept of “more and less”, “first and last,” and so forth.

One pleasant feature is the reference section of Counting On Fall. Whenever I encountered a character unfamiliar to me, I was able to simply turn to the reference section for immediate information. Because I (as well as other adults) usually set aside a defined period of time as “reading time”, I know first-hand that having to refer to outside sources for information can become frustrating and time-consuming. Having a reference available in the book allowed me to enjoy maximum relaxed reading time with my grandson.

The cover of Counting on Fall immediately caught my and my grandson’s eye. The colors were bold, and the squirrel on the cover is recognizable to even a two year old. The plot is age appropriate, and will keep young minds active with plenty of questions to test their knowledge.

I do feel the reader would greatly benefit from having an adult share in the reading, as some of the words may be a little difficult for younger children to comprehend. The layout of the book is easy, and the book itself is physically just the right size to enjoy as a lap book. By the way, here is a picture of my two-year old grandson pointing out the animals in Counting on Fall to his father.

Counting On Fall definitely puts the reader in a cozy mood; I kept looking out my window enjoying the fall scenes outside! So readers grab your cup of warm apple cider and enjoy Counting on Fall; I think you will find this book to be a delightful, educational experience for the young minds!

I hope this review helps you. Until the next review,


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