You Will Be My Friend


If you want friends, you must show yourself friendly, right? But what happens when you show yourself too friendly? That’s exactly what happens in author/illustrator Peter Brown’s adorable new picture book, You Will Be My Friend!

In the book, vibrant, outgoing and slightly intimidating Lucy the Bear goes on the hunt for a new friend among the fun critters of the forest. But like most “big” creatures, Lucy doesn’t have a clue how scary she can be. She terrifies some teeny frogs, gobbles down the delicious honey some bees had planned for dinner, and helpfully washes the stink off an unassuming skunk.

Sadly, the forest critters don’t seem to appreciate Lucy’s efforts to be social.

Lucy is just about to give up when…things change! I won’t tell you what happens – you and your child will have to read the book to find that part out for yourselves. But I’ll venture to say that the very best friendships often come along when a person (or a bear) isn’t looking for them.

You Will Be My Friend! is a sweetly hilarous picture book that’s sure to add some fun to your storytime routine. The pages have that inky “new book” smell, and the illustrations meet all the vibrant, eye-pleasing requirements of even the most demanding picture book lovers. The colors are bright, the faces are kid-friendly and quite animated, and the characters have a sentimental “paper doll cut-out” look to them. I must admit, Lucy’s adorable paper-doll face whisked me back to a “kinder, gentler” time in my life; they made me wish I could sit cross-legged on the floor with all the latest paper doll books strewn around me (like I did in days gone by), and punch out paper dolls to my heart’s content.

Ready for a new friend? Meet Lucy the Bear in You Will Be My Friend!

Best wishes and happy socializing,

Rita Lorraine


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