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Will Work For Prom Dress, by Aimee Ferris, is the perfect read for any pair of best friends!

The main characters, Quigley and Anne truly remind me of a sitcom. They are two best friends that are socially opposite, but are meant for each other.

Quigley helps Ann with the prom committee, despite the fact that she needs a dress and a date. Quigley tends to be in a love triangle between two distinctly different boys, one sweet-natured and the other a self-proclaimed jerk. Ultimately it is up to Quigley to decide whom she will choose.

The story teaches the reader to take responsibility for one’s actions, unlike those of the characters. The book moved at a steady pace, although the dialogue seemed a bit unreal. It made me smile, from the situations that the girls get in, to the crushes and relationships that Quigley and Anne experienced together through their senior year. I really enjoyed this book.

I would give this book a 3 out of 5

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