Whooo Loves You?


Love is all around, and nowhere is that more evident than in the book, Whooo Loves You, by Sandra Magsamen.

Whooo Loves You is a lovely interactive board book that features fun shapes, familiar faces, and a world of opportunity for baby to play “now you see it, now you don’t” with the flaps on each page. Sandra Magsamen writes with such simplicity and gentle sweetness that I was stunned by the love I felt in the pages. It made me wish my own sons were young again, so I could plop them on my knees and read to them the way I did in years gone by.

Not many writers can capture so much love with so few words!

Babies will delight in the wide-eyed owl on the cover – hand-stitched, according to legend, who hoots, “Whooo loves you?” to babies near and far. The book is sturdy in construction and built to withstand rough handling and that dripping, drooling, toothing period that every infant and pre-toddler experiences.

Still undecided? Just listen to this: The owl up in the tree hoots…Owl always love you. Owl always love you.

Wow, how sweet is that? It almost brings tears to my eyes.

This one is highly recommended by yours truly, even though I haven’t shared lap-time with a baby in over a dozen years. I’m sure it will offer you and your child lots of laughter, the opportunity to learn, and a whole lot of love.
Best wishes and happy lap time,

Rita Lorraine


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