Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


When I received Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for review, I was stumped. What do you say about a book everyone and their mama has already read? What surprises could it hold? What twists? And whatever I wrote was bound to be longer than the actual book itself, right? But when I opened the book, I forgot all that. You see, I was too busy enjoying a truly “cerebral” experience.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, by award-winning author/illustrator Jerry Pinkney, is a true work of art. Turning its pages is like visiting a fine art museum, and that’s an experience you definitely don’t want to miss.

How can I say that? Easy! Art museums offer visitors a contemplative space; a social encounter; a place where family members can spend quality time together. This book offers the same thing. Sure, the MC is a well-dressed chipmunk in a neat sailor’s outfit skimming the clouds on a dream and a whisper, but the pictures are so beautifully-rendered, you forget your teeny narrator is reciting a poem about a twinkly star. Instead, you’re whisked away to a contemplative place in your mind, and though you enjoy it immensely, you still seek a social scenario where you can share this rare collection with the first person you find. And if that person happens to be a pint-sized member of your family just waiting to climb onto your lap and put his listening ears on, so much the better.

Still not convinced that thumbing through this book is like visiting an art museum? Well, museums cater to specialized audiences, like scholars, collectors and such, right? This book does that too. Its audience ranges from children to adults, and all have different backgrounds and professions, but one common passion – the picture book.

Yes, this book is as fine a piece of art as you’ll find in any museum, with one notable advantage. You see, museums pieces are restricted to supervised visitations and hands-off ogling, while the true art-lover can actually OWN this book. Isn’t that wonderful?

Little, Brown and Company is making things mighty difficult for me these days. My goal at PICTURE BOOK DEPOT is to share the good news about the quality picture books I come across, then to pass those books on to adventurous little children with waiting fingers and eager picture-book-loving eyes. But lately, Little Brown and Company’s books have been too good to pass on. Alas!

If you like chipmunks and you’re seeking an adventure in color, style and twinkling stars, be sure to read Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by author/illustrator Jerry Pinkney.

Best wishes and happy star gazing,

Rita Lorraine


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