The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage


Every fairy princess has a sparkle inside – that certain something that makes them the very best singers, dancers and twirlers around. And in The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage, by acclaimed actress Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, little Geraldine definitely has sparkle.

Geraldine does everything fairy princesses do; she flitters and twirls through her day, wears a crown, helps friends, and sparkles, sparkles, sparkles. So when her ballet teacher announces her search for someone to be the star of a new production called The Crystal Princess, Geraldine figures no one could be a better fit than herself.

Wrong! Geraldine doesn’t land the lead; instead, she gets the part of the Court Jester, and is forced to don a boyish outfit with pointy shoes, a silly bell and a ridiculous hat that completely hides her crown. Poor Geraldine must watch her friend Tiffany take the lead in the play, complete with sparkly dress, a crystal tiara and all the attention in the room. Geraldine is quite miserable, until a mishap on the stage threatens to spoil the entire play. Suddenly, it’s time to for Geraldine to sparkle as only a true fairy princess can.

The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage is a pleasant book about growing up and learning to share the spotlight. I found the text a bit lengthy for a picture book, but the humorous first person narration works well and the voice is spot-on for the early elementary grades (1-3). Also, I found artist Christine Davenier’s illustrations detailed, colorful and quite expressive, with a style that reminds me of the fairy tales books of my childhood.

If you have a little princess on your hands, she’s sure to enjoy The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage.

Best wishes and happy sparkling,

Rita Lorraine


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