The I’m Not Scared Book


Sunny, laughing, care-free toddlers who once seemed to have no fear begin to show a marked change in behavior around the age of 9 months. At that time, everything from strange animals to strange faces scares them into a crying jag, and though there are many serious things you can do to help, the funniest thing you can do is to introduce them to The I’m Not Scared Book.

In The I’m Not Scared Book, by author/illustrator Todd Parr, the main character (also named Todd) talks about all the things that scare the by-golly out of him. Things like dogs, the dark, airplane rides, and even the first day of school make his eyes grow big and round with fear. But Todd makes an interesting discovery as he works through his long list of scary stuff; when he “talks out his fears,” he’s not so frightened after all.

For example, Todd is scared of dogs…until they give him sloppy kisses that make him laugh. He’s scared of what’s under his bed, until he finds his toys under there. And he’s mighty scared of the first day of school, until…well, read it for yourself and figure out what happens!

This delightful book officially targets ages 4 to 8, but in my opinion, given the age at which children first begin experiencing fears, I feel it’s spot-on for everything from the barely-walking toddler to the early elementary school book-lover. It has short, manageable, age-appropriate sentences and its kid-friendly illustrations are done up in bright rainbow colors that will have your child hunting for his box of crayons and his drawing paper in no time.

This book is a wonderful way spice up lap time and ease your toddler’s fears, and it so happens to be making its debut TODAY (August 3, 2011). So be sure to add The I’m Not Scared Book to your child’s collection.

Best wishes and happy lap time,

Rita Lorraine


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