Sweet Dreams Lullaby


I can almost feel the cottony bunny fur…can’t you? Sweet Dreams Lullaby, by Betsy Snyder, is a warm and fuzzy bedtime book that’s just full of bunny fur…and is perfect for little ones at the end of a busy day.

Multi-talented author/illustrator Betsy Snyder weaves a soft and soothing bedtime rhyme about preparing for bed that’s guaranteed to lull even the most active toddler into La La Land. Snyder’s charming illustrations include green grass, star-lit skies and smiling bunny-faces that soothe your child and make bedtime a smoother and easier process.

Every page of this book offers warm, familiar, and yes, fuzzy colors that whisper comfort and love. My own sons are adults now, yet this sweet and surprisingly powerful rhyming PB has managed to conjure up all my old memories of book time, lap time and bedtime in the Hubbard household. Too bad this book wasn’t around for my book-loving sons. But hey, there’s always the grandchildren, right?

Be sure to add this sweet book to your child’s personal library of bedtime stories. You’ll be glad you did. Just click on the icon to the right to order.

Best wishes and happy reading.

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


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