Sports Illustrated Kids 3D Sports Blast!


Well…I’m speechless, and believe me, that doesn’t happen often. What’s got me so tongue-tied? I just finished reading—in one sitting—Sports Illustrated Kid’s 3D Sports Blast, by author and 3D Photographer, David E. Klutho, and I’m blown away!

I think it’s fair to say that 3D Sports Blast isn’t just a book, it’s an experience. From the very beginning—the Foreword, as a matter of fact, 3D Sports Blast serves up stunning 3D pics for your inspection. In the Foreword, Klutho poses in a cowboy-ish setting with his trusty double-barrel 3D camera at his side, ready for action. I loved this shot, but I appreciated the information even more. In all my years on earth (and believe me, I’ve been here a long time), I never knew what a 3D camera looked like; in fact, I shamefully admit I never knew there even was such a thing. But there is; Klutho provides pictures of several historic 3D cameras that deliver stereoscopic (solid) imagery, and explains that just as humans need two eyes that view the world from slightly different points-of-view to produce the 3D effect, cameras must produce two pictures to create the 3D effect.

Klutho’s a master at this stuff.


From there, 3D Sports Blast is page after eye-popping page of cool 3D sports pics that are sure to be the talk of any locker room. There’s a stunning full-page 3D image of BMX bikers in space; up close and personal 3D shots of pro golfers swinging with all their might as the sand flies dangerously close to your tender eyes, and basketball greats tussling for the ball (which, by the way, looks as if you can pluck it right out of the air and make the shot yourself!). There are rodeo shots of thick, muscular bulls—in 3D—tossing their unfortunate riders onto the ground and into their next headache (and tail-ache, too). You’ll see kayakers doing their thing, skate-boarders sailing through the air, bikers whizzing past, and stand-up paddling pros surfing so fast they quickly close the gap between your space and theirs. And the really cool thing? The book doesn’t just feature old pros, it pairs them with young up-and-coming competitors who fashion their own performances after their heroes.

The book itself is over-sized in order to bring you shocking, in-your-face photography. It is of medium weight, so it’s not too clunky to permit easy handling. Also, the pages are presented more like a collection of prime photographs than a book format; in fact, the book has no index or page numbers, only page after page of 3D greatness.

This one, my friends, is truly a collector’s item. I can’t help but wonder, if Klutho was this generous with this book, just what will we find in his next? I can’t wait.

Be sure to add this collectible sports book/picture book to your library by clicking on the icon on the left. Trust me, it’ll be really cool to own!

Best wishes and happy eye-popping reading,

Rita Lorraine


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