Snowflake Baby


Winter is practically here, and it’s time to bundle up your baby for a romp in the snow.

Snowflake Baby, by author Elise Broach, is an adorable little board book that follows the antics of a snow-loving baby and her snowy adventures with her warm and fuzzy puppy-dog sidekick.

All bundled up in her warm snowsuit, snowflake baby rides her sled, romps past evergreens that look suspiciously like Christmas trees, and throws snowballs to her heart’s content. When night falls, she snuggles under her patchwork quilt, her puppy dog at her side, and settles down for a long winter’s nap.

This delightful little story has a simple plot that even a pre-verbal toddler can follow, so lap time should be a hoot from the moment you turn the first page. Artist Cori Doerrfeld offers characters with big round eyes, warm smiles, and bright, happy faces that will leave everyone smiling. But this book isn’t just a study in color, it’s a study in sturdy, too. The pages are thick and lasting, and are constructed to endure your baby’s curious (and sometimes destructive) little hands. In other words, this little book is a keeper.

For fun in the snow baby style, be sure to get a copy of Snowflake Baby.

Best wishes and happy sledding,

Rita Lorraine


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