Look Alikes: Seek-and-Search Puzzles


Puzzle books are a lot like “sleeper” movies. They don’t just burst onto the scene, but rather, they “fade in.” Then they slowly and methodically work their picture book magic until readers are left clamoring for more.

You probably know where I’m going with this. I’m officially dubbing Look Alikes: Seek and Search Puzzles, by Joan Steiner, a guaranteed “sleeper” for the picture book masses. Look Alikes isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill puzzle book, but is instead a bright and animated puzzle-world where things are not at all what they seem. It’s a place where teabags double as window shades, candles pass for porch railings, and jigsaw pieces imitate cobblestone-ish walkways.

Steiner, who has apparently mastered the art of fashioning three-dimensional scenes from everyday objects, offers her faithful readers a feast for the eyes and a tickle for the precocious brain. In Steiner’s world, ferris wheel spokes are made of scissors; broom straws are really candy-corn; and dedicated astronauts floating along in space wear backpacks that are only binoculars, after all.

Steiner is so adept at rendering the usual unusual, she has parlayed her Look Alikes concept into a complete series of similar books. This particular edition sports brainteasers, find-and-match challenges, and over 900 look-alikes for anyone who thinks himself/herself up to the task.

Who doesn’t love a great visual challenge? If your brain is in need of a bit of visual stimulation, make sure you own a copy of Look Alikes: Seek and Search Puzzles, by Joan Steiner.

Best wishes and happy seeking…and searching,

Rita Lorraine


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