Little Rabbit Runaway


Little Rabbit is at it again! He’s being very naughty, and everyone knows naughty rabbits get into lots of trouble. In fact, naughty rabbits sometimes decide to run away, which is just what Little Rabbit does in the late Harry Horse’s delightful book, Little Rabbit Runaway.

When Mama and Papa Rabbit scold Little Rabbit for his naughtiness, Little Rabbit doesn’t like it one bit. He decides life isn’t fair and packs his bags for a journey into the unknown. And though Mama and Papa call after him, Little Rabbit trudges on, deciding to build a house for himself where no one can tell him what to do.

With the help of his tiny friend Molly Mouse (who just happens to wander by), Little Rabbit salvages junk from a junkyard and makes a great house they can live in together. But once the friends are snug inside, Molly begins to boss Little Rabbit around. “Do this!” she demands. “Don’t do that!”

Before long, Little Rabbit and Molly Mouse are arguing back and forth, with Little Rabbit reminding Molly she’s not his mother, and Molly nagging Little Rabbit to sit up straight.

The friends endure plenty of hardships, including a heavy rain, scary winds and unidentified noises that make them believe a cat has come to gobble them up. Is this the end? And will Mama Rabbit ever discover what has happened to her sweet and lovable Little Rabbit?

Harry Horse’s Little Rabbit books are very attuned to the loves, fears, fun and adventures of the everyday child. His illustrations are funny, colorful and full of comforting and familiar emotions every child will recognize and identify with.

For a wonderful and enduring tale of bunnies, naughtiness and high adventure, be sure to read Little Rabbit Runaway.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


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