Little Rabbit Lost


What happens when a little rabbit has a birthday and turns a year older? Why, he figures he’s all grown up, of course. And then he stops listening to his cotton-tailed mother and ends up wandering away and getting lost…

In Little Rabbit Lost, by author/illustrator Harry Horse, Little Rabbit’s big, big family of happy hopping bunnies helps him celebrate his birthday at famous Rabbit World Amusement Park. Because Little Rabbit is a whole year older, he insists on riding each and every ride–no matter how big and scary, and he refuses to listen to his mother explain that he’s still not ready.

Clutching his bright red birthday balloon, Little Rabbit wanders ahead of his family again and again…until he finally gets lost in the gigantic park. Suddenly Rabbit World doesn’t look like such a great adventure anymore. It’s big and scary, and has Little Rabbit wailing for his mother.

This very sweet, colorful and timely book balances the importance of safety and listening to parents with the wonder of growing up. The late Harry Horse manages to capture all the emotions of childhood, including the magic of birthdays, the excitement of growing older, the adventure of family parks, and the sweetness and security of family love.

Both you and your child will love this touching story, and will cherish lap time or family bonding time as you read it again and again.

Be sure to pick up your own copy, and be sure to watch out for Harry Horse’s other Little Rabbit adventures.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


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