Imogene’s Last Stand


If you’re on the hunt for a history book disguised as a high adventure, you need to read Imogene’s Last Stand, by Candace Fleming.

Young Imogene Tripp is a history-lover from the cradle. In fact, her very first words were, “Four score and seven years ago!” She lives in Liddleville, NH, a town that isn’t famous for anything, and that’s so small, it’s barely a speck on the state map. Not much happens there…until Imogene stumbles upon an abandoned Historical Society house just begging to be restored to its former glory.

Imogene falls in love with the house, and expects the rest of Liddleville to love it, too. Unfortunately, the townspeople can’t see its value. They plan to replace it with something sure to put Liddleville on the map: A shoe lace factory! But Imogene cannot bear for something so precious and historical to be destroyed, so she and her father do all sorts of things to make the town see what a jewel they have. She dresses like Paul Revere and rides through town shouting, “The bulldozers are coming!”

It is only when Imogene finds a surprisingly old historical artifact in the house that the townspeople are finally willing to listen to what she has to say.

Imogene’s Last Stand is clever and smart, and perfect for the little historian in your life. Click on the icon on the right to order your very own copy.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
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