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There’s a new kid in town. Author Nadine Johnson and her innovative publishing company, 123MangoTree, are in the ‘hood and offering a fresh perspective to the wonderful world of children’s books.

Johnson’s latest books are I Love, and its fraternal twin, I Am. I Love follows an adorable toddler as he explores the world around him and celebrates all the things he loves, including sandcastles, splashing in the ocean, playing soccer, and feeling sand between his toes. Story time is sure to be a hit when families share this child’s wonder as he picks flowers, breathes sweet scents and lets his imagination run where it will.

I Love is really a lovely book. It explores all the lovable things in a toddler’s busy life, and inspires both personal reflection and vivid conversation between parent and child. It is also chocked full of stunning photography and lyrical content that are guaranteed to calm active little spirits at the end of a trying day. The book has a sleek, aesthetically beautiful hardcover binding that should withstand the wear and tear that comes with repeated handling, and it is small and lightweight – great for curious little fingers.

Don’t miss out on this book. Just visit 123MangoTree – http://tinyurl.com/3yhco5h – and place your order. While you’re there, be sure to take a good look around. You’ll see that there’s no better place to celebrate promoting literacy through reading, music, and art.

Best wishes,

Rita Lorraine
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    • Hi Gwendolyn,
      Thanks for stopping by! Nadine outdid herself with this book. The prose is perfect for little ones just discovering the world around them, and the illustrations will take your breath away. Be sure to watch for my review of her second book, titled I Am, which will post on February 23rd. I usually give my review copies away to the first bright-eyed little reader I come across, but I’m keeping these for two reasons: First, because I can show the various groups and individuals who rely on me for recommendations just what types of high-quality books are out there. And second, because Nadine’s books are too beautiful to let go.

      Have a great one!

      Rita Lorraine


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