Hey Diddle Diddle


What’s more exciting than a blue-furred kitty playing a fiddle, or a musical-genius cow with cool sunshades and puffy jaws like Dizzy Gillespie, blowing a silver trombone?

Nothing much…unless you count a cute baby seal on its back playing the trombone, while a horse in need of a haircut strums the guitar and a fat pink pig with a necklace of pearls tickles the ivories on a baby grand.

What a book! Hey Diddle Diddle, by talented children’s storyteller Eve Bunting, is a sight to behold. Brimming with color and the hilarious artistic antics of illustrator Mary Ann Fraser, this comfortable old classic is brought shrieking back to side-splitting life with its short, funny descriptions, its lively barn-yard characters, and an absolutely adorable and quite unexpected twist at the end.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t miss out on this special gift for picture book lovers everywhere. Grab a copy, sniff that “new book” smell, and prepare your eyes for the most scrumptious blend of colors and curious characters they’ve experienced in a long, long time.

Best wishes and happy fiddling–I mean, reading.

Rita Lorraine


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