Cromwell Dixon’s Sky-Cycle


I’ll bet you thought little Falcon Heene was the first balloon boy to race across the sky in a balloon, but…NOT! Someone else beat him to it. An amazing young man named Cromwell Dixon designed a sky cycle and flew it at the St. Louis World’s Fair.

Cromwell Dixon’s Sky-Cycle, by John Abbot Nez, is the enchanting story of boy-inventor Cromwell Dixon. Cromwell built all sorts of things, including a mechanical fish from old wind-up clocks, and a rowboat for four. But it was Cromwell’s ingenious Sky-Cycle invention that put him on the American radar.

Cromwell lived during a time when dazzling inventions were popping up all over the place: Automobiles, skyscrapers, electricity and other mind-boggling inventions constantly wowed the American people and made them wonder…what will they think of next?

But perhaps the most amazing invention of Cromwell’s time was man’s newfound ability to fly through the sky just like a bird! Like everyone else, Cromwell wanted to see what it felt like to fly. So he flew high over the 1904 St. Louis Fair in a balloon. He fell instantly in love with flying, and vowed to become an aeronaut. He began building a sophisticated flying machine, using his bicycle as the main instrument.

Cromwell Dixon’s Sky-Cycle
is a delightful and inspirational tale that is sure to stir the creative juices of other young inventors with exciting new inventions and boundless dreams. Cromwell worked long and hard to make his sky-cycle a success. His first prototype was badly damaged in a fire, but he did not give up, and at last his hard work payed off. In 1907, Cromwell Dixon got to pedal his sky-cycle across a beautiful summer sky.

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