Chameleons usually prefer to blend in. But if you’re a bit of a fancy-pants, like little Chamelia, blending in is the last thing you want to do.

In Chamelia, by Ethan Long, Chamelia is nowhere near as tame as the other chameleons in her world. The others prefer bland clothes, bland hairdos and skin the color of bland, faded green. Not Chamelia. She wears prints and flowers and stripes. She slings scarves around her neck and wears fancy hats and even fancier furs covered top to bottom in fancy leopard spots.

Chamelia loves singing out loud, tooting her scooter horn, and wearing safety helmets with the prettiest, fluffiest purple feathers you’ll ever see. In other words, Chamelia is different in every way possible, and she loves every minute of it…that is, until standing out too much begins to have its own consequences.

Chamelia is a bright, cute and energetic book about balancing one’s natural desire for attention with learning to share the spotlight. Chamelia’s look is exuberant and colorful, from her round little head and googly eyes to her dazzling “model” outfits, which, by the way, are to die for.

Got a little show-off on your hands? Introduce her to Chamelia. They’ll become fast friends and will learn that there are definite benefits when you share the spotlight.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine


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