Beast Friends Forever, Book 2: The Super Swap-O Surprise


Zeke loves watching his beast friend do “tricksy tricks” more than anything else in the world…except for calling his sister Hannah banana-brain, that is.

In Beast Friends Forever, Book 2: The Super Swap-O Surprise, by Nate and Vince Evans, Zeke and Hannah go on another wild adventure with the irrepressible Otto. For those of you who missed Beast Friends Forever, Book 1: Meet the Beast, Otto is a little green blob from the Bermuda Triangle that can do magic—er, I mean “tricksy tricks.” Zeke and Hannah first discovered Otto when their military father sent them a package from the Bermuda Triangle that was supposed to be full of candy, but was instead occupied by Otto.

In Book 2, Zeke and Hannah test the power of Swap-O. They gather everyday items like sketchbooks, calculators and helmets that Otto can change into something wonderful from the Bermuda Triangle. But since Swap-O is always unpredictable, they end up with everything from militant bananas spoiling for a fight to little green men with nasty attitudes.

Beast Friends Forever, Book 2 is a delightful reunion with some very cute characters. Like Book 1, Book 2’s format is creative and unusual, combining author Nate Evans’ text and artist Vince Evans’ illustrations and comic strips right inside the book. This special twist gives the book a nice “graphic novel” feel.

So, if you like a little comedy and a little magic in your MG books, be sure to read Beast Friends Forever, Book 2: The Super Swap-O Surprise.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine


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