If you’re looking for a guaranteed good time in your elementary classroom, just make sure you’re at school when Bailey comes to class.

Bailey, by author/illustrator Harry Bliss, is the story of a fun-loving and precocious little dog who wouldn’t miss a day of school for anything in this world. That’s right, every morning, Bailey wakes to his full-colored kitty-cat calendar, his favorite fetch-stick and doggie bone, and the world-famous Early Bird tweeting “Don’t be late to school” at his window. Surrounded by books with titles like Snoopy, Clifford, and Wag the Dog, Bailey hops out of bed and hurries to his closet to choose which crayon-colored doggy collar he’ll wear that day (he’s also a trend-setting fashionista, you know).

This book is as warm and inviting as a puppy’s breath, and the drawings are hilarious, from the scene when Bailey considers telling a teacher his dog ate his homework – only to remember HE’S the dog, to the scene where he howls up a storm in music class. Yes, children from Pre-K through early elementary ages are destined to fall in love with spunky, sassy, unpredictable Bailey. They’ll love how he’s great with math (he uses his favorite bone to count numbers), and they’ll laugh out loud when he tries to trade that same bone for a friend’s peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich at lunchtime.

Bailey is a lightweight, easy to handle book that’s full of colorful, kid-friendly illustrations children will recognize and relish, including scenes of Bailey at the water fountain, Bailey galloping up the sliding board at recess time, and Bailey using his tail to paint a picture in art class. There’s even a delightful dance scene where life-of-the-party Bailey and his human friends strike poses that are warmly reminiscent of the Charlie Brown dance scenes of days gone by. And as for the dialog, it’s not only cuter than a speckled pup, it’s age appropriate and offered up in small-enough doggy chunks to help emerging readers have an easier time following the story.

If you’re searching for a new lap-time favorite that guarantees a barking good time, be sure to whistle for Bailey, by Harry Bliss.

Best wishes and happy dog-walking,

Rita Lorraine


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