At the Sea Floor Cafe’


Newsflash: There’s a way to fall in love with seafood without actually eating it. How? Just read, At the Sea Floor Café, by Leslie Bulion.

At the Sea Floor Café is an absolutely adorable little book (lightweight, hand-sized and aqua-colored, too) that uses clever poetry to describe the most interesting…and yucky…and ghastly deep-sea creatures you ever want to read about. Bulion’s vast knowledge of marine life is definitely not hidden as she pens habits, breeding rituals, appetites, and even cruelties of the ocean’s numberless inhabitants.

At the Sea Floor Café has something for everybody, including poetry for the romantic; exemplary maternal behavior (the broody squid) for the motherly types; good oral hygiene (narwhals) for teeth brushers; and plenty of sidebars and appendices for the voracious reader. In addition, designer and Illustrator Leslie Evans tops off this watery masterpiece with colorful sketches of everything from snapping shrimp to legless bone-eating worms to crusty crustaceans.

Writes Bulion,

Come explore the sea.
Examine odd critters, enormous and tiny,
Sunlit reef toasty and arctic ice briny,
Jellish, delicate, venomy, spiny,
They all live in the sea.

Ahhh, an evening of seafood and poetry. Who can resist?

For a seafood feast to fill your eyes and mind (but unfortunately not your belly), be sure to read At the Sea Floor Café.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine


    • Dear Leslie,
      Thanks for stopping through! Love, love, LOVE this book, and I so hope the school systems are smart enough to adopt it for their science classrooms. As a former elementary science teacher, I can think of all sorts of wonderful activities a class could do with this book, a nearby pond, or even a classroom aquarium in the mix. Can’t wait to read your next book. Keep up the wonderful work!

      Rita Lorraine


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