A Tale of Two Mommies


Vanita Oelschlager thinks of everything. Last year, she debuted a clever little book about a boy being raised by two daddies. The book was cute and innovative, and I considered it perfect for anyone starting a blended family. But Oelschlager didn’t stop there. Now she’s debuting her latest book, A Tale of Two Mommies, and it’s just as sensitive and creative as its predecessor.

A Tale of Two Mommies, unfolds as a conversation between three children. A boy tells his two friends all about being raised by his two mommies, and what each of them add to his life.

He refers to his two mothers as “Momma” and “Mommy, and explains to his friends, in exquisite detail, how the two are alike and different:

“Mommy has all the tools; there’s nothing she can’t fix.”

“Momma’s the one for riding a bike, and she’s also the one for flying a kite.”

And then, like its twin, this sensitive book tells a delightful tale of love, trust and family pride. Illustrator Mike Blanc is back again, teaming up with Oeschlager to present a neat package of sweet words and colorful drawings reminiscent of early childhood at its finest.

For a heartwarming story about unconventional families, unconventional roles and unconventional love, pick up a coy of A Tale of Two Mommies.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
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