Where Giants Hide


If your growing young ones seem to be losing some of the magic of childhood, don’t despair. Where Giants Hide, by Mij Kelly, is the perfect book to get them back on track. The “magic” track, that is.

Where Giants Hide is the story of a little girl’s quest to discover what in the world has become of the fairies, mermaids and elves she’s been told about all her life, and where the magic they’re supposed to possess has gone.

With growing disappointment, the little girl hunts high and low for legendary princesses, giants and trolls—and even those clammy, croaking frogs that are supposed to turn into princes when you kiss them. The longer she searches, the more lost she feels…until she suddenly discovers they’ve all been right under her nose all along.

Where Giants Hide is a clever, hopeful book that helps both children and adults keep the magic of childhood alive. Yes, it’s a book about growing up and realizing the difference between fact and fantasy, but it’s also a book about the importance of keeping fantasy and imagination alive in your heart.

I hope you enjoy this touching book with its bright, imaginative and giant illustrations by illustrator Ross Collins. I know I did.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


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