How to Grow up and Rule the World!


When I first received my copy of, How to Grow Up and Rule the World, by Vordak the Incomprehensible (a.k.a., Scott Seegert), I was sure I was reading a “boy book.” However, once I began reading the book’s clever content and laughing out loud at every other paragraph, I reclassified this one as the book with something for everyone.

How to Grow Up and Rule the World, is talented Scott Seegert’s latest gift for everyone who loves to laugh. That includes elementary and middle grade readers, young adults, and even old fogies who are forever young-at-heart. It is penned by Seegert’s alter-ego, the arrogant, self-centered, “eviler-than-thou” anti-hero, Vordak the Incomprehensible.

Like most self-absorbed anti-heroes, Vordak doesn’t even wait for Page One to show how funny—and evil—he really is. His hot air starts to blow on the Acknowledgements Page, where he cleverly dedicates his book to himself, writing: “To me, without whom not a single one of my glorious accomplishments would have been possible.” He also offers shallow condolences to “any other authors who have the misfortune to be releasing books this year,” since Vordak predicts his own book will command all the attention in the publishing world.

Funny stuff!

Next, Vordak launches into his plan for ruling the world, offering his “pond scum readers” (his words, not mine) tips on getting a jump on their evil careers. He even offers suggestions on how to “develop or grow the evil that exists like a boil inside you and everyone else.”

How to Grow Up and Rule the World, is full of laughs. There is a hilarious “evil aptitude test and scoring key,” step-by-step instructions on the necessity of perfecting the evil laugh [MUAHAHAHAHA!], and bonus material, like, “how to make your little brother look like an idiot.”

If you love humor, this is the book for you. The content is hilarious, the voice is fun-loving and upbeat enough not to be too evil, and the drawings are knee-slappingly clever.

Want to laugh out loud and rule the world in the process? Grab your own copy of, How to Grow Up and Rule the World, by Scott Seegert.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


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