Boo Hoo Bird


Boo Hoo Bird, by stay-at-home dad Jeremy Tankard, is a wonderfully simple tale about the mis-adventures of Bird and his forest friends. Poor Bird gets bonked on the head while playing with his good friend Raccoon, and goes down for the count.

Suddenly the forest comes alive with animal-friends who struggle to do or say the right things to make Bird feel better. They suggest everything from cookies and hugs to a good old fashioned game of hide-and-go-seek. They do everything they can to cure Bird’s “ouch.”

Preschoolers will marvel at the rich colors and hilarious drawings in Boo Hoo Bird, and parents will quickly identify with that age-old struggle to come up with just the right word or phrase to comfort a little boo-boo.

Boo Hoo Bird definitely gets five stars, two thumbs up, and even a beak up, for humor. For your very own copy, just click on the icon to the right.

Best wishes and happy boo-hoo-ing (I mean, reading)

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


    • Dear Jeremy,
      Thanks so much for stopping through and commenting on the review. I enjoyed Bird and his friends, and can’t wait to read your next book.

      Rita Lorraine


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