Baby Baby Baby


Although I finished this board book, Baby Baby Baby, in less than five minutes, I must admit the book and its author sent me on my way with with a feel-good smile that lasted a long, long time.

Baby Baby Baby, by talented author/illustrator Marilyn Janovitz, is so sweet it actually leaves you aching to put your arms around the first wiggly, squirmy baby you come across.

Baby Baby Baby follows the antics of a lively little baby that loves to bounce on laps, dance on tippy-toes (with daddy’s help), and enter a crawling race with the family dog. The author conjurs up sweet memories of bonding time with baby by presenting all sorts of familiar illustrations, like Baby splashing bubbles in its bubbly bathwater, Baby playing peek-a-boo with the cat, and Baby snuggling in mommy’s soft arms. Good stuff!

The book is lightweight but board-book tough–meaning it should hold up well under curious baby hands and drooling baby mouths just getting their teeth. The illustrations are spot-on, capturing the wide-eyed, wiggly-bottomed antics of the typical baby, and the proud and loving looks of the parents and family members who love them.

For the perfect lap book, bedtime book, or just plain “bonding” book, visit your local bookstore, or better yet, click on the link to the right, and grab a copy of Baby Baby Baby. Then sit down and read it with your favorite wiggly baby. You’re in for good times when you do.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


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