A Place for Birds


The whole world is “going green,” and science writer Melissa Stewart is doing her part. Her book, A Place for Birds, is a wonderful installment of knowledge for people and communities looking for ways to enjoy our birds and preserve our ecosystems in the process.

In addition to displaying artist Higgins Bonds’ brilliant, life-like illustrations of the various birds of North America, Stewart’s book also offers a list of important things communities, industries–even birdwatchers, can do to protect these beautiful creatures.

Stewart’s text is simple enough for the emerging reader to grasp, yet informative enough for the serious budding conservationist.

Peachtree Publishing has done it again, marrying simple yet informative text with rich and beautiful illustrations to make the perfect addition to the science or conservation classroom.

Don’t miss out; click on the icon and add a copy of this beautifully-illustrated book to your classroom today.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


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