Sunday, May 1, 2016


Buddy Bison’s Yellowstone Adventure (National Geographic Kids)

Buddy Bison guides young adventurers through Yellowstone National Park.

A Very Big Bunny

MULTICULTURAL - Yes, #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Monsoon Afternoon

Monsoon Afternoon is a quiet little book that celebrates an act of nature most people find utterly annoying—rain.

The Flying Hand of Marco B.

A boy sticks his hand out of the car window and imagines the time of his life!

Bonyo Bonyo: The True Story of a Brave Boy from Kenya

A wonderful story of courage, love and dedication that should not be overlooked.

Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer, The Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement

The amazing life of a true American heroine.


The Girl Next Door

This book made me cry as we went through both of the lives of Sam and Jesse and their relationships.


Ira’s Shakespeare Dream

Pennies in a Jar

Gr. 1-5

I Love

Pink Me Up

The First Drawing

Ten Little Puppies