Monday, February 20, 2017


Dotty’s First Book

Dotty learns her colors, shapes and numbers.

If I Had a Dinosaur

All the things this child would do with a humongous dinosaur as a cuddly pet.

Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus Volume 3

See what type of villains the "Man of Tomorrow" fought back in the early 1940's.

Our Country’s Presidents: A Complete Encyclopedia of the U.S. Presidency

Everything you always wanted to know about every American president!

Mary Poppins: Up, Up and Away

Mary Poppins is back!

The DC Universe Rebirth Omnibus

Time is gone...just gone! What is Mankind to do?

The DC Comics Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Characters of the DC Universe

Nothing in your wildest imagination can prepare you for the DC Universe.

Ultimate Ocean-Pedia: The Most Complete Ocean Reference Ever

Witness the beauty of our ocean and stay dry in the process!

Famous Fails! Mighty Mistakes, Mega Mishaps

Mistakes that turned into mega-fortunes and "sure-things" that crashed and burned.

The Cantankerous Crow

The adventures of a rebel crow.

Books Do Not Have Wings

Proof that books are not just books...they're almost magic!

Winter, Winter, Cold and Snow

Where animals sleep in the forest.



If All the Animals Came Inside

This book about animals coming inside the house makes for laughs and great parent/child bonding.

One Million Men and Me

The 13 Days of Halloween

Fred Stays With Me!

Maya Was Grumpy

A little girl wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.



Fur, Fins, and Feathers: Abraham Dee Bartlett and the Invention of...

We know where the animals come from...but this book tells us where ZOOS come from!

The Cantankerous Crow

MULTICULTURAL - Yes, #WeNeedDiverseBooks

The Story Blanket

A book about sharing...with a twist!

Seaside Dream

Young Cora struggles to think of an appropriate gift for her grandmother's 70th birthday.

Philip Reid Saves the Statue of Freedom

A slave with amazing talents saves the Statue of Freedom

One Million Men and Me

A precocious little girl experiences the Million Man March.


Holiday Fun in The Good Old Days

This one will really pull on your heartstrings!

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Gr. 1-5