Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Around the World Right Now

An examination of all the things happening all around the world...right this very minute.

Why Did the Farmer Cross the Road?

Remember the old joke that began with "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Well,...

Think and Make Like an Artist

How artists turn their ideas into artwork!

Full Moon Lore

Every type of "moon" you can think of.

100 Things To Be When You Grow Up

A stunning little book with a myriad of jobs and occupations that range from golf ball diver to rodeo clown.

The Big Book of Beasts

The 411 about every kind of beast you can imagine.

Smell My Elephant

This stuffed elephant has a mysterious smell!

The Skydiving Beavers: A True Tale

It's raining beavers!!!

Here to There and Me to You

How bridges connect us all!

Out of School and Into Nature: The Anna Comstock Story

A young girl's love of nature changes the course of education!

Little Red Rolls Away

A sweet little barn relocates to a new home.

A Symphony of Cowbells

A young farm girl must find the bell that inspires one of the family's dairy cows.



Stanley the Sock Monster Goes to the Moon

A sweet and cuddly sock monster uses his imagination to get to the moon.

Pennies in a Jar

Can You See What I See?

A Place for Birds

The Lonely Lake Monster: The Imaginary Veterinary

Two middle-graders become apprentices in a hospital that services imaginary animals.

The Big Book of Bugs

This one will turn you into a bug-lover, guaranteed!



Digger and Daisy Go on a Picnic

An adorable set of puppies go on a picnic.

Leopold the Lion

Little Rabbit Runaway

MULTICULTURAL - Yes, #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Off to Class: Incredible and Unusual Schools Around the World

Fascinating schools around the world.

Lillian’s Right to Vote

A lovely resurrection of a not-so-lovely past. Thank you, Mr. Winter!

Sports Illustrated Kids: All Access

For every sports fan who ever dreamed of getting a backstage pass to his favorite athlete, this is the book for you.

The House Baba Built

The amazing "house that Baba built" allowed Young and the others in the house to put their imaginations to good use.


Will Work For Prom Dress

The perfect read for any pair of best friends!

ER & Pre-K



A Symphony of Cowbells

Character Sketching

Faux Paw: A Bear’s Story

Gr. 1-5