Monday, November 30, 2015


Before & After: A Book of Nature Timescapes is a quiet book. In fact, except for the preface, which offers valuable clues for what to look for in the pictures that follow, the only sounds to be heard are the whispers in the prairie wind and the lapping melody of the sea.



Five hilarious little monkeys getting into trouble like their human counter-parts.

MULTICULTURAL - Yes, #WeNeedDiverseBooks

A young girl makes a big sacrifice to help her community.

This book explores the world of a precocious toddler just beginning to discover his own personality.

The story occurs at the North Pole but is one of the most heart-warming books ever!

Monsoon Afternoon is a quiet little book that celebrates an act of nature most people find utterly annoying—rain.


This book made me cry as we went through both of the lives of Sam and Jesse and their relationships.

ER & Pre-K

Gr. 1-5