Friday, April 29, 2016


Run for the Hills, Geronimo!

Geronimo yearns for a nice, quiet vacation but his cousin Trap tricks him into a rip-roaring mouse-family adventure chasing lost treasure.

MULTICULTURAL - Yes, #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Ira’s Shakespeare Dream

A young freeborn African American teen follows his dream to be a Shakespearean actor.

I Told You I Can Play

Brian loves sports but is snubbed by his 9-year old brother and his friends.

One Million Men and Me

A precocious little girl experiences the Million Man March.

President Obama: A Day in the Life of America’s Leader

Leads children and adults through a day in President Obama’s new life.


City Sidewalks in the Good Old Days

City Sidewalks in The Good Old Days houses all types of stories about times gone by:

ER & Pre-K

Gr. 1-5

Mermaid Queen

The Monster’s Monster

Welcome Back