S is for Sea Glass: A Beach Alphabet



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S is for Sea Glass: A Beach Alphabet by Richard Michelson is a cute little picture book filled with many forms of poetry and verses that are designed to tickle your tongue, and delight your senses.

If you like going to the beach and taking in all the sights, sounds, and sand you’ll truly enjoy what’s in store for you. And it’s written in poetry from A to Z.

Before this book I thought of going to the beach as a chance to see and experience the sand and water, but Mr. Michelson draws the reader in to everything happening on the beach, on the boardwalk, in the air, and under the water.

For example, in “G is for Gull” the gulls remind us of a very important fact: They don’t litter, we do! This book all tells and shows readers what happens at the beach in winter when the beaches are empty, and even what happens when it rains.

You’ve probably never given a thought to most of what you learn as you look at the beautiful pictures and read the poetry for each letter of the alphabet. This is a beautiful and well done book of poetry which actually touches on warm weather, fun, and lazy days.

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