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Greetings Bookies,

Today we will be reviewing a cute little hardback book called Ferry Tail by author Katharine Kenah.

Our hero is Walter, the sea-going dog who loves working on the ferry. Walter greets the people in cars who come aboard for the morning run, he barks at the gulls, and he watches out for the babies. He even gets to take pictures with families on deck! Being the ferry dog is a big job with great rewards.

The captain needs Walter to bring the paper each morning and thanks him with kind words when he does. Walter has to taste the bacon before Cook can serve it, and he tells the Engineer when the boat is ready to go by wagging his tail. Yes, being a ferry dog is a big, big job.

Walter loves everything about the ferry except Cupcake, the captain’s cat that sleeps in a fancy bed in the Captain’s cabin and has a squeaking mouse toy. Cupcake sometimes pokes Walter, which he does not like.

One dark day Cupcake tears up the front page of the Captains newspaper and the Captain says “Bad dog!” to Walter. Walter decides it is time for him to leave the ferry so he waits on the deck until the ferry is tied to the dock and jumps over the ramp and onto the island.

There is land everywhere! Walter runs until he comes to a town where many loud and strange things are happening. Fire engines, buses, children on swings are all noisy and unfamiliar to him. When he does see something he can do, the people chase him away.

Walter begins to miss the ferry. Cars honk at him and rolling fog makes the day darker so that it is hard to find his way back to the ferry. As Walter becomes more and more miserable, he hears a squeak and feels a poke. It’s Cupcake!! Can the cat he thought was his enemy lead him back to the ferry?

Ferry Tail is a different and new kind of story. The cover is colorful and quite nice, and the illustrations are on target and beautifully done. Also, the book definitely has a great WOW factor; I gave it a 4!

This is a great book for “occupation day” in elementary school because it demonstrates what day-to-day life is like for both people and animals that live on a ferry.

Until the next review!


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