Don’t Dangle Your Participle



Greetings Bookies,

Today you’re going to get a lesson in how a participle dangles.

I sincerely hope all who read this book have at least heard of a participle, if not, you’re also going to learn something about the English Language.

Around page six, the author gives us two pages of lessons in participles and how they are used. The information is really good, and very useful in constructing a sentence correctly. The rest of the pages are well illustrated with whimsical characters from Lions to deer to children, and examples of participles dangling and not dangling.

I love the one where the deer is riding a skateboard in the park!!! And the example of Ida melting in the hot sun is fun. Be sure to check them out, as well as all the other examples.

This is a beautifully illustrated Picture book, both in the writing for the examples, and the art work. I really thought from the title that it would somehow be connected to Learning Institutions but I found no information to confirm that theory.

Parents, Educators, Writers, and Speakers should find this short picture book to be helpful as well as cute.

The book pages are not numbered. Earlier when I mentioned a page I counted from the first inside page. I also find the target age of four years and up to be unrealistic.

The Wow factor is three and only applies to the story line.


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