Digger and Daisy Go on a Picnic


Kids love puppies, especially rambunctious little puppies like Digger and Daisy.

In Digger and Daisy Go on a Picnic by Judy Young, brother and sister Digger and Daisy go on a picnic in the park. On their way, they re-discover what makes them different. For example, Daisy likes looking at things like snails and flowers. But Digger likes smelling things with his wiggly nose, like apple pies and hot dogs.

Daisy is the practical sibling, always careful about what she does. Digger is the impetuous one, almost getting stung by a bee while he sniffs a flower bed, and almost getting burned as he pokes his nose close to some delicious hotdogs on the grill.

There is no limit to the things Digger is willing to sniff, but judging by the picture on the book’s cover, he’ll soon learn that some things are just not “the sniffing kind.”

This is an adorable little “I Am a Reader!” book crafted especially for Grades K-1. Author Judy Young’s sentences are short and clear, and the scenarios she presents are friendly and familiar. After all, what child doesn’t have fond memories of picnics in the park?

Illustrator Dana Sullivan’s illustrations conjure yester-year memories of making your very own picture book on a lazy Friday afternoon in Art class. The faces are kid-friendly, the colors are deep and rich, and the situations the siblings find themselves in will inspire any child to have a picnic adventure of their own.

Be sure to add this book for emerging readers to your early elementary bookshelf. Your students will thank you for it.

Best wishes and happy picnic,
Rita Lorraine


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