Color Me In! An Activity Book



If you’ve ever sat and just watched a child draw and color then you’ve seen that sparkle in their eyes when they have created just the right animal. Or you’ve notice the intense look on their face when they are trying to get through a maze. Okido has created just the right activity book to help children become even more artistic, and to learn while doing so.

Color Me In! An Activity Book, is a wonderful book full of puzzles. There are mazes, doodles, dot-to-dots, sketching, children Sudoku, coded puzzles and more. This book is designed to keep children of different ages busy having fun. There is so much to offer that children won’t realize how much they are learning just by using their imagination and coloring.

This activity book helps little children become more familiar with spotting different items, different types of animals, seasons of the year, bodily parts and functions and so much more. Every page has something different and challenging for young minds.

The illustrations in the book are of simple sketches which will put children at ease with their drawings. The Red and Blue coloring of the book is energetic and exciting, stimulating children’s mind to be more creative. Also another great attribute is this book is really thick; making it durable so children will be able to enjoy it longer. The only thing I didn’t care for was the activity that has children drawing poop. Other than that this is a really good book and I think it would be fun and beneficial for any child.

As an added bonus don’t miss the page numberings. There is a cute animated picture when you thumb through that the children will love. I think this book will keep that sparkle of new discoveries in children.

That’s my review, and until next time, take the time, expand your mind, READ READ READ!!!!”

“Ms. P”


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