A Very Fuddles Christmas



Look out cat lovers! Fuddles, the fluffy, fun-loving, slightly overweight adventurer is at it again in author/illustrator Frans Vischer’s latest picture book, A Very Fuddles Christmas.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Christmas is over.” You’re right, but a Fuddles picture book is the gift that keeps on giving. So if you missed this book’s 2013 debut, you can always make it a 2014 stocking stuffer.

In A Very Fuddles Christmas, our plump feline hero is resting in pampered repose until he catches a whiff of a yummy aroma. His nose leads him to a grande dining table decked out with fruits, vegetables and a fat roasted turkey that is almost as plump as Fuddles himself.

Because his family usually stuffs him full of his favorite foods, Fuddles is certain the mouth-watering meal is all for him. It’s not. The gaily wrapped Christmas presents just waiting to be opened, the sweet-smelling gingerbread house, and the splendid Christmas tree that looks perfect for climbing aren’t for him, either. In fact, all he hears is “No, Fuddles!” again and again as he struggles to understand just who Christmas is for.

A Very Fuddles Christmas is an absolute delight. Reminiscent of the first book, Mr. Vischer’s prose is clear, age-appropriate and funny in all the right places. He also delivers a heartwarming collection of illustrations of turkey dinners, brightly-wrapped presents and blankets of holiday snow that will make even the oldest reader pine for the Christmases of yester-year.

This book should do well as a seasonal favorite in a home or classroom at Christmas time. It may also make a great lap book in front of a winter’s fire.

Best wishes and happy cat adventures,

Rita Lorraine


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