Jesse and the Robot Who Loved TV



Ever heard of a robot who loved tv? Well, you have now!

That’s right, imagine a quirky robot named Tagi who loves tv, skateboarding, and her best human friend, Jesse.

One day while skateboarding at the park, Tagi gets annoyed with a group of unruly teenagers. They taunt her endlessly and eventually chase her away. Jesse desperately searches for her, worrying that she may be disassembled into a big scrap heap if he doesn’t find her soon.

Want to hear more? You can. Visit Tagi and her owner/author, Fay Martin, at Kickstarter, where you can learn more about the project and how to get your own Tagi picture book.

Here’s the link:

The campaign fundraiser will continue for three weeks (until Dec 3rd at 8:00pm) so don’t miss out!

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