You Are Stardust


Hello Bookies,

You Are Stardust,by Elin Kelsey, is unique, different and a real spark to the imagination. From exploding stars that became the atoms in our body, to our connection to the animals deep under the sea, this little picture book teaches us that we are one with nature.

The water we drink was once the water which quenched the thirst of dinosaurs!! Really? We learn speech in the same manner as certain species of animals. Our sense of community and social skills are similar to those of other animals in the universe. In essence, we are stardust made up of stars from millions of years ago, and blowing a kiss could begin the new growth of flowers because of our celestial makeup.

This is thought provoking subject matter. Provocative because it can be exciting for some children and very stimulating for others, and it will definitely stir an inquisitive arousal of the imagination in most children aged four up.

The art is excellent, well done and a perfect fit for the subject matter. It is colorful and edgy as it blends nature and human growth and development. Parents will surely want to read this book with their young children…and be prepared with answers.

There is a wealth of information about nature and the human body and how it works contained in this little hardback picture book. Some of this information is brand new to this reviewer, especially the stardust information, but most is well known in Science and Biology. Four year old children are into nature and their surroundings, and are also very interested in “Why?” They will be awed by the story line and the art.

I hope this review helps you in your choice of whether to add this book to your child’s library. Until the next review, enjoy!



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