On a Medieval Day


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On a Medieval Day: Story Voyages Around the World by Rona Arato depicts nine stories about nine children aged 12 – 14 years old, in nine different parts of the world during the Medieval period, or what is also called the “Middle Ages.”

Each story offers a fictionalized portrait of a child of that time period, based on tidbits Arato assures us are the facts and customs of that era. She also gives readers a map of the area, and information about the culture at the end of each tale.

This reviewer won’t give information on each story as that would be a book in itself, but children will learn little-known facts about cultures from Venice to Japan to the Mayan culture. We read about religious persecution in Spain, a young Venetian boy who becomes a stowaway on a quest to find his missing father, to a settlement of Vikings looking for a land more fertile than their country of origin, namely Greenland.

By combining the portrait of the child, the map, and the facts and illustrations at the end of each story, this book makes for fascinating reading. If your son or daughter loves to read, he/she is in for a treat, as well as the opportunity to learn about some of the primitive cultures that helped to shape the world we now live in.

I think children will enjoy reading this book. The details contained at the end of each story is excellent, and gives insight into the customs of the Middle ages as told by a child of the culture, and how each child is affected by his/her circumstances. The portraits of the children tend to resemble each other, but that does not take away from the total book.

The book cover is eye catching, and makes you want to see what’s inside. The storyline is original and moves at a good pace, and the
book is age-appropriate for 12 to 14 years old. Also, the illustrations are excellent, from the children’s portraits to the maps pin-pointing the area of the story’s origin. The layout is different and well done, and it does further enhances the story.

I hope this review helps you make a decision about purchasing this great historical picture book.

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