All Kinds of Kisses


What could possibly be better than a sweet and gooey kiss? Why, a book chocked FULL of sweet, gooey kisses, of course.

All Kinds of Kisses, by author/illustrator Nancy Tafuri, is a lovely (and gooey) book about warmth, cuddling, and the many ways different creatures show their love for each other. It opens to an eye-pleasing burst of spring colors, a cozy nest high in the trees, and a Mama Bird with feathers of deepest blue giving her baby chick a sweet (and gooey) kiss on the beak. Then Mama leaves the nest to search for a juicy bedtime snack for the little one, and as she does, she soars past a starry-eyed hen giving her chick a “cheep” kiss; a cow giving her calf a “mooo” kiss; and a dove giving her baby a “cooo” kiss. There are many other kisses too, including the “maaaa” kiss of a Mama Goat, the “meow” kiss of a Mama Cat, and the “oink” kiss of a Mama Pig who might want to think about losing a few pounds…but that’s another story.

As Mama Bird returns to the nest with a nice crunchy insect for her fuzzy baby, each kiss she witnesses on the ground below is sweeter (and goo-ier) than the one before it. I’m telling you, this book is so sweet you’ll likely gain a few pounds before you make it to the last page.

The text of this lovely book may be simple and super-brief, but it’s warm, real, and oozing with love. The illustrations satisfy with sweetly familiar earth tones of nature, and although all (save the last) of Tafuri’s subjects are members of the animal kingdom, she somehow manages to capture each mother’s affection in the contented crinkle of a doting eye or the upward turn of a refined beak (or muzzle, or snout, take your pick). She also captures the love and security of each coddled baby, especially the human baby held serenely in Mama’s arms at the end, finally rendering a scenario of pristine peace, and…you guessed it, gooey kisses.

All Kinds of Kisses is the perfect “wake-up-and-read” book, “time-for-night-night” book; or “Come-on-baby-it’s-laptime” book. But perhaps best of all, it will not only soothe your little one into a sense of security and well-being, it also teaches your child about animals and the sounds they make in the process.

For a book that has it all – AND gets 5 STARS – pick up a copy of All Kinds of Kisses.

Best wishes, and kissy-kissy-kissy,

Rita Lorraine


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