Windows With Birds


The books at Peachtree Publishing just get better and better. Lately, I can’t decide which I love better – the story-lines or the breathtaking covers.

In Windows With Birds, by Karen Ritz, it’s certainly a toss-up. The cover, as you can see, features a beautiful green-eyed tabby gazing peacefully (and a bit mischievously) into the eyes of a sweet little bird doing a balancing act on a delicate branch. The storyline follows the cat in his perfect home, exploring all the wonderful reasons he never wants to leave – like the perfect hiding places in the house, the foolish mouse in the basement, and the boy who scratches him in all the right places.

Everything is perfect until the day the boy carts him off to a new home in a smaller apartment high up in the air. Now the poor cat dreams of his old hiding places and his old friend the nosy bird.

If you’ve never been homesick, you will be after you read this book. The authentic language moves the storyline along at a comfortable pace, and the sweet and simple setting deftly conjures all those sentimental feelings most of us have for our childhood homes.

I’m sure you can tell by now that I love this book. The over-sized format gives the illustrations a bold, in-your-face appeal, yet the book is lightweight, easy to manipulate, and just oozing with that inky “new book” smell. The colors are done in soothing and familiar earth tones, and are sure to leave readers with a warm, toasty, homesick-ish feeling. Plus, the book can be used in more than one family setting: It can introduce children to the subjects of “changes” and “moving;” it can help children understand homesickness; and it can acquaint young animal lovers with the wonders of pet ownership.

Yes, this one is so versatile, it should win the “Best All Around” award. To add it to your child’s library, just click on the icon on the right.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine


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